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Genderless Bathrooms

I’m all for inclusion, and I personally have no problem with anyone identifying with whatever gender they please and think they should be able to go to whichever bathroom they want. However, I am really going to miss the men’s room and it’s substantially faster lines in bars. Recently (past couple of years) more and more places are taking the gender part out of bathrooms, the only con in my opinion is that I now have a much longer wait time.

I go to a bathroom, I pee, wash my hands and if there is no paper, I use my foot to prop open the door in what I think is ninjaesque and then I’m done In usually about 2-5 minutes.

Someone whom I love who happens to be a lady, ( no names here) who I have to wait for often, goes to the bathroom and spends 10-15 minutes in there doing god knows what. I like to think that all lady rooms are secret female layers that connect to an underground base where all secrets are reviewed and reported and that is partly how women “run the world”.

Instead of having genderless bathrooms Can we just as a society accept trans females as females and trans males as males and gender-neutral as people who are special and get to go to either? This in my opinion is the luckiest of all beings because if for some reason the ladies line is shorter, they can go in the ladies line...

My intention isn't to offend anyone or to be insensitive, I know it’s a touchy subject but although gender is a societal construct sex isn’t and urinals are faster and more efficient than stalls. I feel like I’m digging a hole here. Anyway... I love all people, except bad people and by bad I mean people who harm others. Pee anywhere and be sure to read my next post, “Peeing in public”

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